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HINCACOM is an experienced civil engineering firm with innovated solutions in the following areas:

Civil Area:
- Water & Sewer Design, Plumbing, Oil & Gas, Potable & Waste Water Treatment Plants.
- Drainage, Irrigation and Landscaping Design.
- Survey.

Structural Area:
- Structural Calculations(Buidings, Water Pump Stations, Bridges, Tunnels, Ports, Tanks).

- Quantities and Budgets

Maritime and Offshore Area:
- Basic and Detailed Design.
- Maritime Master Plans and Budgets.
- Maritime Design Platforms and Decks. Storage and Transportation of Oil, Coal and Granels.

- Offshore Structures.


Enviromental Area:
- Enviromental Impact Asessments.
- Enviromental Master Plans.
- Waste Water Managment.
- Sludge Disposal.
- Waste Water disharges to Natural Sources.

- Architectural Design.
- Urban & Landscaping Design, Green Building Design LEED.
- Renderings.
- Building and Renovation Services. 
- Construction Licence Support in the Building Department.

-AutoCAD Services.
-CAD Standards (External References Xrefs & DST Files, SheetSetManager)

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